Alexander: Refurbished PCs may possibly require a BIOS update to use new elements

Q: I bought a refurbished Dell laptop past June and have had problems with it at any time due to the fact. The Personal computer will get a blue display screen and the mistake message contains the words “halt code” and “memory administration.” Then the Computer system will reboot. I have also experienced troubles getting the Laptop to wake up from “hibernate mode.” I worked with the Computer seller for numerous months devoid of solving the challenge and now he no lengthier returns my phone calls and e-mails. What can I do?

LYN CROSBY, West St. Paul

A: A single of the troubles with refurbished computers is irrespective of whether all the new alternative sections get the job done with an more mature Pc. In your case, it seems as if the PC’s RAM (laptop or computer chip) memory was upgraded, but the new RAM conflicts with anything presently on the Pc.

Where’s the difficulty? Most very likely, the PC’s new RAM conflicts with the PC’s outdated BIOS (essential input/output program) application that allows load the Windows running procedure when the Personal computer is turned on. The conflict can bring about your Personal computer to screen a blue display screen and the message “Prevent Code: Memory Management,” then immediately reboot. An out-of-date BIOS can also interfere with the Laptop awakening from hibernate manner, an energy-preserving location made use of when the Personal computer is idle. (Hibernate complications can also be prompted by other Computer concerns – see

If I am correct, the solution is to update your PC’s BIOS with a new duplicate that will not conflict with the RAM memory. You can do that for free through a Dell web-site.

Even so, ahead of you go to the issues of replacing the BIOS, test to see if that update will solve your trouble. Go to and in the lookup box form in the name of your Dell pc product. If you might be not confident what design you have, down load the Dell “SupportAssist” software program from the similar website and it will discover your Pc design.

After you enter the Computer system product name on the web-site, you can expect to see a record of updates obtainable for your laptop. Click on the BIOS update, then click on “check out total driver aspects,” then glimpse underneath “enhancements” for the phrase “Improved memory compatibility for DDR4 2666Mhz memory DIMMS.” If you uncover that phrase, downloading the updated BIOS need to solve your challenge.

But in advance of downloading the BIOS, do these points first:

  • Again up your PC’s facts to an exterior storage system, then disconnect all external devices these as disk drives, flash drives or printers.
  • If you operate your laptop computer on its battery, make guaranteed you have at least 10% electrical power remaining.
  • If you use Home windows BitLocker encryption computer software, convert it off. If you you should not, you may not be ready to accessibility the PC’s facts right after the new BIOS is set up.

To convert off BitLocker, abide by the instructions for enabling the software package (see but transform it off instead. Allow 20 minutes to a pair of several hours for the Pc knowledge to be decrypted.

Then observe the instructions beneath “How to update the BIOS on a Dell laptop” (see

If putting in a new BIOS will not remedy your Pc difficulty, use the diagnostic capabilities of SupportAssist to establish other laptop difficulties or acquire the Computer to a different repair store.

If that does not enable, look at to see if you have any warranty protection. Unlike new PCs, refurbished kinds really don’t essentially come with a guarantee. But for those that do, the warranty duration may well change from 90 times (typically free of charge) or longer (at additional cost.) If you continue to have warranty coverage, get hold of your first Pc supplier or Dell.

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