Arlo Camera Not Syncing with Base Station During Setup?

While you are trying to set up an Arlo camera, you have the option of installing a Smart Hub or the Arlo Base Station. You need to first set up the Base Station and second the Arlo camera. In case during Arlo setup, the camera fails to sync with Base Station then you won’t be able to complete the setup. There can be certain causes why the sync failed between the devices. We will discuss about the reasons and their solutions in the upcoming sections. Keep on reading ahead to learn how to get the issues resolved.

Arlo Camera Not Syncing with Base Station: Fixed

You should try the tips given ahead one by one and then see if the issue gets fixed or not.

  • Check Arlo Camera and Base Station Compatibility

FYI, not all Arlo security cameras require a Base Station. Some cameras can be set up directly without an Arlo Base Station. Moreover, all Arlo cameras are not compatible with the Base Station. So make sure that the camera and the Base Station that you have are compatible with one another. Try to set up the camera without the Base Station.

  • See if the Base Station is Installed

To set up the Arlo camera using the Base Station, you first need to install the Base Station. If it is not yet set up, then consider doing that first. Besides, see to it that the Base Station is properly set up. See the user guide to know the exact procedure of the Base Station setup.

  • Check Batteries

In case the Base Station or the Arlo camera are battery operatable then make sure the batteries are sufficiently charged before you begin the setup process. Take out the batteries if required or simply get them charged to at least 60% and then try to sync the camera to the Base Station. This should be helpful to resolve the issue at hand.

  • Check the Base Station Status

In case the Arlo Base Station is offline then also you will face trouble in getting the Arlo camera synced with the Base Station. Log in to your Arlo app and check the status. If you haven’t yet installed the app then download Arlo app on your smart phone and use the Arlo account credentials to log in.
After logging in, tap Settings > My Devices. Next, select Smart Hub or Base Station. Here check the status. It shouldn’t be offline.

  • Reboot Devices

Try to reboot the devices now. You need to restart the Arlo security camera as well as the Base Station. In case they run on batteries, then remove the batteries and then after waiting for some time, insert the batteries once again.
In case they connect to the power outlets, then use the Power button to switch off the devices and then remove the power cable from the respective wall outlet. After about 5 minutes, connect the power cables and switch on the devices. Now try to sync them.

  • Reset Arlo Camera

In case after trying all the hacks as given above also you are not able the get the Arlo camera synced with the Smart Hub or the Base Station, then you should reset the Arlo camera. Some configuration issues are not letting the devices sync. So factory reset the camera by erasing all the current configuration settings from it. You can use the user guide to check the reset process for the camera model that you own.

The Final Note

The moment you reset your Arlo camera, you should again try to sync it with the Arlo Base Station. We are very sure that you will no longer face the same issue that you were troubled by previously. The devices will now sync without any hassle.

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