Beverage Translation: Why Multilingual Beverage Campaigns Breed Success?

Multilingual campaigns are one of the most important tools a global business uses to achieve its goals. It is all about finding a good way to connect with your target audience. And what better way than to do it in their native languages? The most successful global brands like PNG, Nestle, W.H.O, and others only use the best beverage translation services. Because they know the importance and impact that these campaigns can create. Beverages like Nestle’s coffee, energy drinks like Red Bull, and soft drinks like Coke all became household names through their campaigns. 

A good translation agency will not only translate but will make sure the intent of your content remains the same. Moreover, the best ones will also make suggestions for improvements. Since not all regions can get the same joke for example or understand a particular phrase. The best translation agency professionals will provide you with alternatives in these circumstances. Companies mentioned above had massive teams, particularly for this purpose. Let’s take a look at Coke and Pepsi rivalry campaigns. These were arguably the best forms of multilingual advertising people have seen for a long time. 

Coke and Pepsi War

If you begin talking about multilingual beverage campaigns then Coca-Cola and Pepsi come to mind. Some of you might be too young to remember, but brands had proper banter back in the 80s, and 90s. Even in the early 2000s, here is when restrictions began to pour in. Adverts became less creative because of the restrictions. But for those who do remember, these cold drink cold wars had us laughing. Moreover, since both companies are world giants, they delivered their adverts in the target country’s native language. What I learned from this was that both companies were successful in creating a rivalry. A rivalry that both their consumers and their translation agency fought passionately

Those who resonated with Pepsi’s ideas and campaigns would be loyal Pepsi drinkers only. While those loyal to Coca-Cola would have similar feelings. I remember people changing sides sometimes. But this is an example of what can happen when you use beverage translation services in the right manner. When we talk about what these campaigns were about and how translation was to help. Coca-Cola sponsored multiple sports leagues primarily football and Pepsi did the same but on a smaller level targeting Cricket and Basketball. They are involved in branding, adverts, and more. Moreover, they even translated player interviews using voiceovers and subtitles. 

Pepsi even released a video game called ‘’Pepsi Man’’ on the PC and PlayStation 1. The game had a very cult-like following and having played the game myself. I have to say it was a good one, it only had subtitles though. The main languages were English and Japanese. Coke invested in things like music and food, hosting a range of festivals worldwide. They translated campaigns, and banners, and hired many locals to work on their ideas. 

Why were these beverage companies so successful globally?

In a nutshell, both companies knew how to gain public attention. Through translation and transcreation, they created tailor-made campaigns for each demographic. Coke is famous for spending more than half of its profits back into the company, mainly through advertising. The beverage translation services potential is properly understood through the Cokes case study. 

Let’s make a small list of how translation played its role in their success:

  • Culturally Appropriate

Both companies tailored most of their campaigns for each target audience. For this purpose, they opted for translation. During translation, the experts did a cultural analysis of these adverts and applied suitable changes. So translation included transcreation and ensured that cultural sensitivities were given attention to.

  • Easy to Understand

The advertisements were simple and effective. They were easy to understand and moreover, resonated with a majority of the population. 

  • Relatability 

Human beings feel comfortable with what they are used to. Translation of these campaigns and documents allowed users to understand them. Moreover, the campaigns were respectful of specific cultural norms like fasting in Ramadan for Muslims, turkey dinners for Thanksgiving, throwing color during Holi, and more. 

  • Consistency

All successful brands have been consistent with their marketing and translations. They make sure the public does not forget about them. If you watch TV daily or commute you must have read translated slogans of Coke, see adverts, and more. 


A beverage is a product that people around the world consume. Many company owners often fail in their native country but are very successful abroad. It all comes down to the quality of their product and how well they present it. When you have a good beverage translation agency, you can expect them to adjust your ideas to new cultures. The best form of a successful campaign can be found through global standing products. Their case study on translation effects and marketing will help ensure success for your global beverage launches. 

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