Can There Be Communication After Death?


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In my recent reserve Remarkable Awakenings, I explained how bereavement can be a catalyst individual transformation.

In the aftermath of bereavement, it’s not uncommon for individuals to bear an extreme variety of submit-traumatic advancement. They could even adjust so radically that they experience as if they’ve become a unique particular person – an individual with a wider sense of perspective, a new sense of function and that means, a perception of link to mother nature, and further associations.

In some of the circumstances, an significant element of the transformation is a sense that the bereaved person was nonetheless in get in touch with with the buddy or relative they misplaced. For instance, a lady identified as LeeAnn experienced a near buddy who was murdered even though functioning as a nightclub bouncer.

A handful of months afterwards, LeeAnn was at residence when, in her words,

All of a unexpected, the area crammed with this golden light-weight. There was a sense of peace that was overwhelming…Then I noticed Bruno in his human variety. My eyes were shut, but he was standing there, surrounded by blue hues and light-weight. He claimed to me, ‘You hold asking for me to arrive back again. Don’t inquire that — this is the place I’m supposed to be.’1

These types of ordeals may well audio bizarre, but they are common. In 1971, a Welsh health care provider named William Dewi Rees grew to become intrigued by some of his aged people commenting that they experienced sensed the presence of their deceased wife or husband. He adopted this up with a systematic research of 293 widows and widowers in his group observe. Dewi Rees found that just about fifty percent (46.7 %) of the widows and widowers experienced experienced a “hallucination” (in his term) of their wife or husband.2

One particular of the most intriguing conclusions of Dewi Rees’s research was that only all-around a quarter of his members had talked about their ordeals before. This indicates a substantial degree of reluctance which could even have prolonged to Rees’s study alone, meaning that his figure of 46.7 % of clients might be an undervalue.

Much more current research (which also may well be influenced by reticence, of training course) counsel that as many as three-quarters of bereaved men and women have sensed the existence of a deceased cherished a person.3

The ordeals happen in a range of kinds. Apart from looking at the deceased human being, it may be a solid emotion that they are nearby, watching or supporting. It may possibly be a sensory practical experience of smelling or hearing — for case in point, smelling their perfume, currently being touched by them, or listening to them simply call out. Considerably less straight, people today could sense that deceased buddies and relatives are getting in contact with them by way of animals or by symbolic implies. In a lot of cases, the encounters happen often so that folks come to feel the deceased associates or relatives are however with them.

Deciphering Experiences of Just after-Demise Conversation

The easiest explanation would be that these activities are wishful wondering, self-delusion, or hallucinations. Nevertheless, some following-demise communications are tricky to dismiss in this way considering that they involve deceased people passing on messages which have been later on observed to be applicable, or details that was afterwards verified.

In one analyze of 1,667 after-dying communications by the researcher Ken Vincent, all-around a fifth ended up observed to be “evidential” in this sense, with three unique varieties of evidence.4 1st, there have been activities in which a person sensed or saw (usually in a desire) the dying of a person and identified out shortly afterward that they experienced died.

Next, some ordeals supplied evidence that was afterwards verified. In one particular illustration that was provided to me, a grandmother experienced a vivid desire in which she was owning tea with the other grandmother of her grandchildren, who experienced died just lately. The other grandmother warned her that their granddaughter was in hazard from her violent boyfriend. After some trepidation, she spoke to her granddaughter. She admitted that her boyfriend experienced created loss of life threats to her, and she break up up with him soon afterward.

LeeAnn’s expertise above was also evidential in this sense. After her initial encounter, LeeAnn listened to Bruno speak to her, inquiring her to text a concept to his brother. She was unwilling to do so, as Bruno’s spouse and children ended up Mormon, and she wasn’t certain how they would react. But Bruno persuaded her and dictated the textual content to her.

Bruno’s brother named her immediately and said:

The textual content answered inquiries from thoughts and discussions that he experienced that working day, when he was on your own and was talking out loud to Bruno and to God. He explained the terms were so distinct he realized past a shadow of a doubt that they arrived from Bruno.

Thirdly, Vincent observed that in some cases the encounters transpired to a lot more than a person person. He offers the illustration of a young girl and her fiancé, who both observed a vision of her lifeless grandfather.

Probable Explanations

If these ordeals just cannot all be discussed in terms of self-deception or hallucinations, what are we to make of them?

Some scientists have suggested that they could be discussed in conditions of psi powers these types of as telepathy or clairvoyance. For instance, in the very first scenario previously mentioned, it’s probable that the grandmother unconsciously suspected that her granddaughter was staying abused, and her unconscious thoughts produced a aspiration situation to relay the information to her aware thoughts.

In LeeAnn’s situation, most likely she had telepathic make contact with with Bruno’s brother, sensed the questions he was inquiring, and developed a reaction to them in her thoughts, which she texted to him.

Nonetheless, in my opinion, these explanations seem to be tenuous and convoluted. LeeAnn advised me that she is not aware of possessing any psi qualities, so it seems unlikely that, on this isolated celebration, she just occurred to demonstrate the type of powers that would make it possible for her to transfer images to her roommate and to read thoughts from Bruno’s brother’s intellect.