Technology Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It!

Apart from the Synology Connect software, users can manage and monitor their NAS storage devices with the help of the login URL i.e. However, many occasions have been noticed

If you are also facing such problems, then we recommend you check the URL entrée first. Just make sure that you have entered the URL in the correct manner as it is written. Know that if you keep committing typing mistakes, then you will keep getting redirected to a page that won’t have anything to do with the login process of the Synology NAS storage device. But, if you are still making failed attempts, check out the next section.

How to Fix Not Working Issue?

  • Use the Address Bar: The address bar of the web browser is supposed to be used for the URL entrée. Chances are that you have used the search bar due to which issues have arisen. Thus, mend your mistakes right away and see to it that you will be successful. If not, then either use the software dedicated to the Synology drive management or take the help of the tip mentioned in the next point.
  • Upgrade the Internet Browser: Outdated browsers are known for causing problems while accessing a few login URLs. Since you are facing not working issue, we are assuming that it has happened because of an outdated internet browser. So, we recommend you install the latest version of the web browser on your computer.

Quick Tip: Cache stored in the web browser is also capable of messing up with the login process of the NAS device. So, you should also look forward to clearing them by pressing the Ctrl and F5 key on the keyboard. For your information, this process is known as the hard rebooting of the web browser.

  • Connect to the Right Network: Connecting to the right WiFi network is an important thing in order to be successful with the Synology NAS login There are chances that you are accessing the network differently than your NAS device. Therefore, you are required to connect the Synology NAS as well as the computer used for the login process to the same network.
  • Restart the NAS Device: A glitch can occur at any time and is very much capable of harming the performance of your storage device. Chances are that you are getting the not working issue because of the glitch. Why don’t you consider getting rid of it? Simply, power down the storage device and wait for a couple of minutes. Power it up again and see if you are successful in accessing the login web address.

Still Not Working?

If you are still facing problems accessing the login address of your storage device, it is recommended to disable the antivirus installed on the computer on a temporary basis. This is because numerous websites are inaccessible due to antivirus programs. There will be chances of you becoming successful if you disable this program. Once done, try to access the URL once again.

Fixing any internet connection-related issue can also work in your favor. This will be possible if you are getting promised internet speed from your ISP. Get in touch with him to ask your questions. If there is any problem from his end, let him fix the issue.

The Last Words

The final hack of resetting the NAS device comes into the light if your multiple attempts to fix the not working issue fail. It will help you install the NAS device again. Before resetting, we recommend you take the backup since everything will be lost. The backup file can be saved with the help of the dedicated software. Once done, push the Reset button on the NAS device and hold it. Let the LEDs settle and once it happens, set up the Synology NAS storage device again from scratch.

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