How to Discover Product ID in Wordpress Business Sites?


WordPress has established itself as a versatile platform for creating websites of all kinds, from personal blogs to robust e-commerce stores. For business websites that utilize WordPress to sell products or services, the ability to identify and manage product information efficiently is crucial. 

One essential piece of information is the Product ID. wordpress plugin development services In this article, we will explore what a Product ID is, its significance, and various methods to discover Product IDs in WordPress business sites.

Understanding Product IDs

A Product ID, also known as a Product Identifier or SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), is a unique alphanumeric code assigned to each product in an e-commerce store’s database. custom wordpress website development services This code serves as a universal reference that helps to identify a specific product quickly and accurately. 

wordpress plugin development services Product IDs play a vital role in inventory management, order processing, and analytics tracking.

In WordPress business sites, Product IDs are used by administrators, developers, and even customers to locate and differentiate products from one another. wordpress development services Whether you are trying to update product details, retrieve order information, or integrate third-party tools, knowing how to discover the Product IDs is essential.

Methods to Discover Product IDs

Using the WordPress Dashboard

For administrators managing an e-commerce store on WordPress, the easiest way to discover Product IDs is through the WordPress dashboard itself. Here’s how:

Log in to your WordPress Admin Panel: 

Navigate to the admin login page of your WordPress site and enter your credentials to access the dashboard.

Navigate to the Products Section: 

Depending on the e-commerce plugin you are using (WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, etc.), locate the “Products” or “Shop” section in the dashboard menu.

View Product List: 

Click on “Products” to view the list of all products in your store.

Find Product ID: 

In the product list, you can usually find the Product ID as a column in the table. wordpress web development services If it’s not visible, you might need to customize the columns displayed to include the Product ID.

Examining Product URLs

Each product in your WordPress store typically has a unique URL. wordpress plugin development services By examining the URL, you can often deduce the Product ID. Here’s how:

  • Navigate to the Product: Go to the product page on your website.
  • Check the URL: Look at the URL of the product page in your browser’s address bar. custom wordpress development company You might find a parameter like ?product_id=123 or something similar. The number after the equals sign is the Product ID.
  • Inspecting Page Source

For those comfortable with a bit of technical exploration, you can view the page source to identify the Product ID. Here’s how:

  • Navigate to the Product Page: Visit the product page of your website.
  • View Page Source: Right-click on the page and select “View Page Source” or “Inspect.” wordpress plugin development services This will open the browser’s developer tools.
  • Search for Product ID: In the developer tools, use the search function (usually Ctrl+F or Command+F) and search for the product name or some other unique identifier associated with the product. wordpress service provider, You’ll likely find the Product ID nearby in the HTML code.
  • Utilizing Database Queries

For advanced users comfortable with database queries, accessing the WordPress database can provide direct access to Product IDs:

  • Access Database: Use a database management tool (such as phpMyAdmin) to access your WordPress site’s database.
  • Find the Products Table: Locate the table that stores your products. wordpress website development services In WooCommerce, for instance, it’s often wp_posts, and you’ll need to filter for products with the appropriate post type.
  • Locate Product ID: Browse through the entries in the products table to find the Product IDs associated with each product.


In the realm of WordPress business sites, the Product ID is a fundamental piece of information that facilitates the effective management of products, orders, and analytics. 

Whether you’re an administrator updating product details or a developer integrating external tools, knowing how to discover Product IDs is invaluable. 

custom wordpress website design By utilizing methods like exploring the WordPress dashboard, examining product URLs, custom web application development services inspecting page sources, or accessing the database, wordpress plugin development services you can confidently work with Product IDs and optimize your e-commerce operations.

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