How to Fix – Linksys RE6300 Keeps Disconnecting

Many individuals have installed an RE6300 WiFi range extender brought in by Linksys with the hope that it will blanket the internet dead zones in their houses with speedy WiFi. But, the situation is quite annoying when things don’t go well and the Linksys RE6300 keeps disconnecting. Do you also own the same model of the Linksys extender? Are you also facing similar kinds of connectivity issues with your WiFi device? Well, it hardly matters whether you own a Linksys RE6300 wireless range extender or some other models. This is because the troubleshooting techniques to resolve this issue are the same for all models. Thus, stick to reading.

This is for your knowledge that you might be required to access the Linksys extender login URL while implementing a few tips. Therefore, be ready for the same.

Fixed: Linksys RE6300 Keeps Disconnecting

1. Update the Firmware

The first technique in the line to resolve the continuous occurrence of connectivity issues related to the Linksys range extender is a firmware update. You are required to install the latest firmware version on the extender. We are asking this because a firmware update is known for fixing bugs and errors. Apart from this, it also works to improve the security of your home network. Thus, go for the process as soon as possible.

You can upgrade the firmware by accessing the login URL and reaching the admin dashboard of the range extender. But, while you do so, make sure that you are accessing the Linksys extender network plus you do not upload a firmware file that does not belong to the model number i.e. RE6300. You might end up facing problems if you commit some mistake while upgrading the extender.

2. Check the Extender-Router Connection

The time has come that you pay some attention to the connection you have created between your Linksys RE6300 range extender and the router. What source of connection you have used? Wired or a wireless one? Well, whatever source has been picked up by you. We will cover techniques to fix both kinds of connections.

In case your devices are joined with the help of a LAN cable, then you are required to check its entire length to examine physical condition. In the case of cuts, throw away the cable and use a new one as its alternative. And please, do remember the golden rule of maintaining a finger-tight (steady) Ethernet connection! Take care of the distance separating your networking devices if you have connected them through a wireless source. The distance must be optimal at all costs. If you keep it too much, your devices won’t communicate and if you keep it too less, signals might clash. Thus, be very careful.

3. Restart the Extender

If your extender is still struggling with connectivity issues, then chances are that it has become a victim of technical bugs. Remember that bugs can affect your extender’s ability to work. Before that happens, get rid of them. The solution to fix them is rebooting. Rebooting will fix bugs plus enhance the outputs delivered by your range extender.

Thus, without allowing a second thought to enter your mind, consider powering down the extender and disconnecting it from the wall socket. You are now required to make the range extender rest for 20 minutes. Once done, connect the extender back to its respective wall socket. Check if your Linksys RE6300 still keeps disconnecting. If yes, then go for Linksys RE6300 reset.

The Final Words – Reset Linksys RE6300

Resetting the range extender should be your last resort if every attempt made by you has led to the failure only. The best thing about this process is that it provides the user with the ability to configure the extender again along with fixing the issue.

To reset the range extender RE6300, find the Reset button on it and press it using an oil pin or a sharp object. You need to press the button for 30 seconds. Your extender will reset. Now, configure it again.

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