Leather Cardholder: Everything You Need to Know About it

If you are someone who lives for style and uniqueness, leather cardholders are the perfect accessory for you. You must have heard about leather cardholders being the new trend. A men’s leather wallet and men’s cardholders are always a necessity because it is said that a wallet is a man’s best friend. The history of leather wallets for men goes back to ancient times, but the same can’t be said for leather cardholders. Similar to a leather laptop bag in the UK, the concept of a cardholder is for the newer generation. 

Wallets back in the day were used to carry food, whereas wallets now are used to carry cash. Cardholders are not made to carry any of those items, but they are so small that they only allow you to carry cards and some coins. The world is becoming cash-free, and it is high time a product like a cardholder was introduced in the market. While this might not be for people who still deal with cash, it is a life-changing update for people who only carry cards around.

What is a Cardholder?

A cardholder looks similar to a wallet but is designed for a different purpose. Wallets are generally bigger in size, which allows people to carry more stuff inside. We have seen ugly-looking bulky wallets because people just don’t know the limit to carrying stuff inside their wallets. When you have more space, you ought to carry more items, which ruins the shape of your wallets and also doesn’t fit in your pocket. Cardholders don’t allow you to carry more stuff than they can handle. They are petite and only have limited space that enables you to carry just the right amount of cards and coins inside. Because of their small size, they fit right inside your pocket without looking weird.

Why are Leather Cardholders Better?

When you decide to purchase a cardholder, there are many options, including other materials that don’t offer the same benefits as leather. You might be tempted to buy them because they are available at low prices, but you shouldn’t. The following are the reasons why you should only invest in leather cardholders.


Leather’s durability is no surprise for anyone. It is the most durable material, and if you take care of it, it can last for a decade. Leather products might be slightly more expensive than other ordinary materials, but that’s because the material provides you with longevity. You don’t have to worry about purchasing a cardholder again and again if you invest in real leather once. If you use it properly, you might have to invest in another cardholder all your life.


Leather provides better protection. Other materials can be easily damaged with water and other elements, but leather is stronger and sturdier. It has some water-resistant properties that protect the items inside in case your cardholder gets wet. It also puts up a good fight with other elements like sunlight and dirt. You just have to clean your leather goods once in a while to ensure that all the unnecessary dirt stays out and there are no long-term effects on your leather goods.


No matter how much you look around, you cannot find a material that looks as good as leather. It is considered the most stylish material for bags and accessories because it has a sophisticated appearance. Leather is a luxury, and when people see someone carrying a product made of real leather, they consider that person classy. Using leather goods takes your fashion game to the next level, and this cannot happen with any other material. If you want to make some heads turn, you have to invest in real leather.

How to Find Real Leather?

It can be difficult for new buyers to identify real leather. It has a distinctive smell that experienced buyers can identify, but for that, you first have to use and smell real leather. The best way to find real leather is to find a retailer who’s well-known for dealing with real leather goods. You can check out reviews on social media and see what others are saying about the retailer. You should also talk to the retailer about the type of leather they work with so you can get an idea of what quality of leather you will be purchasing. Retailers who sell real leather know what type of leather they are using. Obi Pelle deals with real leather bags and accessories. You can purchase a men’s leather wallet, a men’s cardholder, and a leather laptop bag in the UK from them. They also allow you to customise your leather accessories. They have experienced artisans working for them, so you can rest assured that your dream leather cardholder will be brought to life.

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