Linksys Velop Firmware Not Getting Updated. What to Do?

Getting the firmware on the networking devices is equally important so as to upgrade your PC or mobile phone OS. Likewise, it is essential to upgrade the firmware on your Linksys Velop system. You can access the Linksys Velop login page and reach the admin panel and easily update the firmware on it.

If you are facing issues while getting your Linksys device updated, then we can help. Here, in this very post, we have tried covering all the best possible solutions to eliminate firmware-related issues with your Linksys Velop.

Why Am I Facing the Firmware Update Issues?

Well, there is no specific reason that we can directly bring forward. There are a plethora of reasons that can be responsible for why it happened in your case. We, however, have highlighted some most common reasons that you can go through now. Knowing about them can help you identify what is stopping you from getting your Linksys Velop upgraded to the latest version.

  1. The firmware on your Linksys Velop is already running on the latest version.
  2. You have interrupted the process in between by doing some other activity or powering off the Velop.
  3. An unstable internet connection has hindered the process.
  4. The Velop is not fully powered on due to a poor power supply.
  5. The firmware file is corrupted or wrong.

How to Fix Firmware Update Issues?

1.    Check the Connections First

We first suggest you check all the cables thoroughly. Any loose or damaged cable should be fixed right away. You must ensure that the internet connection is not shaky and also the power supply is adequate. Only once you are very much sure about these two, you must proceed ahead to get your Velop device updated.

2.    Download the Correct Firmware

Using the manual method of firmware update is preferred by many users. In case you are also one among those users, then you must ensure that you are downloading the correct file on your PC. Firstly, you should use the official Linksys website to download the file. Secondly, you should keep in mind the Linksys Velop model that you have before downloading the firmware file. FYI, not all Velop models have the same firmware file. It is different for all models.

3.    Reboot the Device

Now that you are done verifying all the connections and have the firmware file downloaded, you can try updating your Velop once again. You should access the Linksys router login page now. But before you proceed, power cycle or reboot the Linksys Velop device once to remove any technical glitches and give it a new start. To power cycle, you should power down the Linksys Velop and unplug the power cables. After some time, plug the cables and turn the Velop on.

4.     Do Not Interrupt the Process

You should be aware that when the firmware is getting installed on your device, interrupting the process can corrupt the file. You may also brick your device rendering it useless. So, while it is getting updated, do not power it off. Also, do not open new tabs on the browser or do any other activity that can be a hindrance to the firmware installation process.

The Final Note

We are sure that your Linksys Velop has been updated with the most latest firmware version after you have considered the tips given above. By any chance you face issues even now, then you are left with one last resort. You should reset the Linksys Velop to default values. Perhaps since you have been trying to update your device, the firmware on it is corrupted or some other configuration issues are not letting the firmware update. So reset it, set it up once again, and then try the firmware update process all over again keeping into consideration all the points given above.

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