NeoGene .2mm massive spot vapor chamber breakthrough technological know-how pushing smartphone thermal administration to next level

NeoGene Tech, a Guangzhou-dependent know-how platform company of developing and fabricating extremely-slim vapor chamber units for 5G smartphone application, has declared its Level 3 PWS (Print Wick Structuring) COMBO technologies has overcome the bottleneck and limitation of traditional copper mesh wick technological know-how in two-section operating fluid transportation and circulation performance inside a massive-place and tremendous-narrow-house vapor chamber product.

Up to date in the marketplace, the thickness of vapor chamber in output for smartphone applications is nevertheless at over .3mm, NeoGene reported. Most smartphone makes preserve seeking sophisticated engineering among their offer chain to go after vapor chamber products as thinner as doable. The thickness of vapor chamber at .2mm as very well as device location at above 5,000mm2 is normally the dream to the industry because thermal administration challenge will develop into additional vital as under no circumstances just before.

NeoGene cited market experts as noting that the room of liquid channel and vapor channel inside of the vapor chamber will be tremendously minimal fully at only 100um if the system thickness is just at all around 200um. Once the length concerning the evaporator and the condenser is also considerably and product area is way too extensive, it is pretty much mission not possible to accommodate an proper thinner copper mesh wick construction and to have enough vapor room as nicely to make certain that the two-phase operating fluids can be proficiently transported and circulated inside the system to permit the system preserving acceptable thermal functionality.

“Based mostly on our MagicWick-Inside of Technology System, the Degree 3 PWS COMBO technological know-how adopts selective screen printing technics and co-sintering processes to make three various MagicWick structures with distinct thicknesses and designs in order to carry out unique capabilities in distinctive flow channels and regions concurrently,” explained Jeffrey Chen, CEO of NeoGene Tech.

“A few unique types of MagicWick paste supplies (MW-A, MW-B, MW-C) have been display screen printed in unique spot on etched copper alloy substrate and have been baked to sort the SWOES (Semi-Wick-On-Etched-Substrate), and then progress to turn out to be the MWOES (Magic-Wick-On-Etched-Substrate) in advance of unit packaging approach. Different from PWS Stage 1 and Amount 2 technological innovation, PWS COMBO know-how is a way of solving various limitation problems at the same time within an ultra-slim and ultra-significant vapor chamber by having a novel stream channel design and combo wick structuring. It is incredibly straightforward to carry out the a number of wick structuring procedures in mass manufacturing by adopting automatic display screen printing and baking method and constant decomposition and sintering furnace,” claimed Chen.

“The Level 3 PWS COMBO technological innovation is basically an ultra-slender vapor chamber design and fabrication solution for laterally balancing the effectiveness of liquid channels and vapor channels in ultra narrow house. By having novel movement channel style and design and diverse magic paste recipes, the MagicWick-Inside VC gadgets built by Amount 3 PWS COMBO technological know-how with thickness at only .2mm (with +.02 tolerance) and the size at 5000mm2, can be performing really successfully at 5W, and the floor temperature change (delta T) between evaporator and condenser with length at 70mm is measured at all-around 2 levels C. Many thanks to the collaboration of MagicWick A (wick thickness ~35um) in liquid channels and MagicWick C (wick thickness <10um) in vapor channels, the anti-gravity transportation speed of liquid working fluid from condenser to evaporator is measured at over 20mm/sec," added Chen.

NeoGene Tech’s authorized thermal module maker, Jieqiao Electronics, will be the first player to adopt PWS COMBO technology in 0.23max big-area vapor chamber mass production, and this technology will be also opened for all thermal module makers once the MagicWick-Inside Technology Platform license program is reached and conducted accordingly, according to Chen.


Photo: NeoGene Tech