Qubit Teleportation Paves the Way for Galaxy-Spanning Communications

As you approach the orbit of your new property world, Gliese 667CC (opens in new tab), you comprehend you manufactured a terrible, horrible oversight: you did not obtain the latest firmware update for your ships’ conversation protocols. 

When this would be a secondary issue about Earth’s orbit, where by the servers holding the installable package reside and radio communications are fast adequate (opens in new tab) to make do, factors are distinctive when you are 22 light-weight-yrs absent from humanity’s cradle. There’s no way for you to download an update for your ships’ protocols promptly with no communications handshake happening, you’ll have to pay out a hefty fine for the military ships despatched to examine your absence of response to the official channels. You have not even crossed Gliese’s environment, and you’re presently in personal debt. Ouch.