The Mac Studio’s removable SSD is reportedly blocked by Apple on a application degree

Apple’s new Mac Studio was uncovered to have an interesting mystery more than the weekend: it has detachable SSD storage. But a subsequent movie from YouTuber Luke Miani reveals that the Mac Studio however can not be upgraded: not due to the fact of hardware limits, but mainly because Apple appears to be blocking replacement SSDs on a application level, by way of AppleTrack.

Contrary to all of Apple’s other M1-run pcs, the Mac Studio’s storage is not soldered on to the mainboard, as Max Tech’s teardown about the weekend discovered. Having to the SSD is a difficult organization, involving taking away the rubber ring on the bottom of the device, unscrewing the panel, and pulling out the unshielded electricity source. But as it turns out, individuals expandable SSD hardware slots are for naught: even if you can choose aside your Mac Studio to get to it, Apple appears to be blocking any supplemental or swapped storage on a software program degree.

Which eventually signifies that no, you won’t be in a position to escape Apple’s heinously expensive SSD upsells for more storage, even if you are ready to disassemble your whole laptop or computer to do so.

That tracks with Apple’s official line: “Mac Studio storage is not person obtainable,” the corporation notes on the Mac Studio’s products page. “If you believe you may possibly will need extra storage capability in the long term, take into consideration configuring to a better potential.”

But my difficulty listed here is not necessarily that the Mac Studio as it exists proper now isn’t user-upgradeable. It’s with the philosophy that Apple has taken to get to this position.

Due to the fact the Mac Studio does have removable SSDs. Practically nothing about Apple’s design here necessitates the choice to bury it at the rear of rubber sheets and a potentially perilous electrical power provide or to lock it on a software amount.

But Apple built an lively option to make it impossible to enhance the Mac Studio’s internal storage. No matter whether it was hoping to discourage close buyers from tearing aside their computer systems in search of more affordable SSD upgrades or mainly because it wishes to nudge buyers into its pricier choices (which, because of to their non-replaceable mother nature, implicitly urge you to obtain much more upfront, lest they be caught with as well tiny after the truth) — both alternatives really don’t mirror very well on the corporation.

It’s genuine that the Mac Studio tends to make it exceedingly difficult for buyers to get to the SSD slots in the initial location, but which is also a choice Apple manufactured. This is not a laptop computer or a tablet or even an ultra-slender all-in-a person like the M1 iMac. It’s a desktop personal computer, a single that presumably could have available extra expandable storage at the cost of a marginally more substantial chassis.

The Mac Studio’s detachable SSD
Graphic: Luke Miani

Nor can Apple make the argument it has for things like the unified memory, which provides tangible benefits by not featuring a person-replaceable part: the SSDs listed here are presently detachable. Apple is just blocking Studio house owners from carrying out it on their own.

We know Apple can do this, way too: it already does for the 2019 Mac Professional, which it fortunately sells new SSDs for users to slot in at their possess leisure. (Hopefully, a development it will continue to observe with the Apple Silicon-run Mac Pro it teased is coming in the potential, much too.)

But the preference to limit the Mac Studio so substantially below is in the end a disgrace. It is a experienced-quality equipment, and it’d be great to see Apple address it like it as an alternative of locking into the exact pre-designed box that so several of the company’s other current desktops have done. And you shouldn’t need to drop $5,999 on a Mac Pro just to be capable to improve the storage on your desktop computer in 2022.