Wavlink Extender Not Connecting to Internet- Let’s Fix!

These days, installing a Wavlink extender in the house to expand the current network is rather usual. With the proper Wavlink setup, there won’t be any more WiFi dead zones in the house. However, if despite all your efforts, your Wavlink extender is having trouble connecting to the internet, the scenario can be very upsetting. We understand you! But don’t worry; we have the best remedies for this issue right here. Simply follow the troubleshooting tips mentioned in this article to permanently resolve the problem.

Resolved: Wavlink Extender Not Connecting to Internet

The technique to fix the Wavlink wireless range extender not connecting to the internet is quite simple. Follow the instructions given below:

  • Restart Your Extender

The very first way to fix the Wavlink extender not connecting to the internet issue is by power cycling the extender. The reason being is technical hiccups can be easily resolved by rebooting. For this, disconnect the WiFi extender from the router. Thereafter, turn off the extender and remove it from the power socket. Now, wait for a few seconds. Eventually, put the extender back into the wall outlet and turn on the switch.

  • Check Cable Connection

You must connect the Wavlink extender to the host router in order for it to access the internet. Which format are you using for this? Is it a WiFi or wired connection? After the reboot process, attempt to re-establish any wireless connections. Given that a wired connection is more dependable, we advise you to use it. Grab an Ethernet cable, then join the extender to the router.
If, however, you already have a wired connection established, carefully examine the cable. Maybe it’s worn out or damaged. Or perhaps it is shakily connected to one of the devices. Why not attempt changing the cable?

  • Relocate the WiFi Devices

As we all know Wavlink WiFi extender takes in the signal from the existing router and expands it to a larger area. To get rid of this issue, it is necessary that the extender is located in the same room where your host gateway is placed. Apart from this, it is placed on a higher surface.

  • Away WiFi Interference

Does your Wavlink extender share its location with any EM-radiating equipment or appliances? This could be true. The waves may obstruct the extender’s signal, which would lower the network’s overall quality. Perhaps the WiFi interference is to blame for the Wavlink extender’s inability to connect to the internet. Therefore, keep your extender away from any such object like insulated walls, microwaves, mirrors, refrigerators, treadmills, baby monitors, televisions, cordless phones, and fish tanks. Then check to see if the problem goes away.

  • Reset Your Extender

Last but not least, if you still face a Wavlink range extender not connecting to the internet and due to this you are not able to access the Wavlink login page then worry not. We have one more solution to fix the issue i.e. resetting the Wavlink extender. For reset, first, detect the reset button on your Wavlink extender. As soon as you find it, press or hold the button using a sharp pointed object like a toothpick or an oil pin. Thereafter, wait for a couple of seconds and release the button.
In this way, your Wavlink range extender reset to its default settings. Now, you need to perform the Wavlink WiFi extender setup from scratch via

The Bottom Lines

With that! We end our guide on how to fix the Wavlink range extender not connecting to the internet issue. We expect that with the help of this post, you can easily fix the issue in a trouble-free way. If you like reading this article then do not hesitate to gratitude in the comment section.

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