Website Localization Best Practices: Do’s & Don’ts

Want to showcase a better image of your brand online? Website localization is the key. It allows you to mark your presence in the global market as a brand that prioritizes its users. And that’s an effective approach to stand out. You can also try hiring professional WordPress website translation services if you feel localization is not an affordable step for you. They both have pros and cons, but if you want to give your audience a more local feel, then website localization is for you.

Website Localization and Its Importance

Website localization is the process of adapting a website to the language and culture of the target audience for globalization. Websites hold crucial information and help others know about what your business is all about. For rapid and lasting impact in international markets, it is very important to localize all your digital content, including your business website.

Website localization allows you to provide a positive image of your brand and enhance seamless communication with the target audience. Website localization companies can aid you in this process, and you will get fruitful results. 

Let’s say that the original language of an online shopping website is Russian. When this business tries to enter the global market and enhance its customers, it has to localize its website according to the target audience. This requires the help of professionals. Instead of reaching out to individual translators and developers, it is better to hire a website localization company.

Do’s of Website Localization

There are certain factors that you need to consider for successful website localization. It is also important to know what to do and what not to do. 

Studying Cultural Preferences

It is advisory to know about the culture of the target audience so it gets easy to understand what to present. There are certain things that are acceptable in one culture but called taboo in the other.

Target Audiences’ Preferences

It is important to know the market before going for website localization. See whether your particular audience is interested in that business or not. The best option is to study the interests of your audience, look out for your competitive business, and see how they are thriving in the market.

User Experience

A greater user experience will definitely increase the number of customers and visitors for your business and website, respectively. For this purpose, you have to pay special attention to: language options, design responsiveness, loading speed, and localization of pricing, currency, and navigation elements to ensure that target audience have a seamless user-experience.

Mobile Optimization

Most people use mobiles for web research. It seems a hectic task to use a PC if you can easily use mobile phones. Make sure that your localized website is totally functional on mobile phones.

Seek Professionals’ Help

In order to make your website perfectly localized to meet and exceed audiences expectations, you need to have professional website translation and localization services partner by your side. Only skilled professionals, who are qualified people with years of experience, can do the wonders for you. Their experience guarantees the excellent quality of work and that’s what you need for positive results.

Don’ts of Website Localization

Ignoring Cultural Factors

Many businesses don’t look out for their target audience. These businesses are already deeply established and have an enormous amount of customers. It doesn’t matter if you are a wonderful business or not. Business is all about capturing the attention of potential customers. Also, if you deliberately ignore what your audience wants you will face a drastic loss in your revenue, and which business wants that?

Word to Word Translation

Word to word translation loses the actual intent of the website. It isn’t necessary that website localization includes translation. But if your website needs translation don’t go for the literal translations.

Machine Translation

Machine translation often neglects the most crucial step which is localization. Different types of machine translators produce this type of content. Other than that there are professional WordPress website translation services that translate your website content in various languages in a very short period of time. If your goal is website localization, machine translation is not the right solution for you.

Well, there is one thing that you can do to remove that automated translation from your website. You can also go for editing after machine translation. Or you can make your content 100 times better than the previous one. It is also called MTPE.

Take aways

Your localized website can only be engaging if it is user-centric. And that can be done following the right practices. Although, it can be a hectic task if you don’t have the right tools or proper professional assistance. Therefore, it is better to hire a professional service provider for website localization.

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