Why is the TP-Link Deco App Not Working?

A TP-Link mesh system can be easily managed and controlled using the mobile app that can be installed on Android as well as iOS devices. The name of the app is TP-Link Deco app. In case you are struggling with issues while installing or launching or logging into the Deco app, then we can help you by providing you with the best possible solutions. These solutions have been penned down with the help of experts who have been able to resolve similar issues in the past. Without wasting any further time, let’s get started.

How to Fix TP Link Deco App That Stopped Working?

Before anything else, know that the Deco app is compatible with Android (5.0 or above) and iOS(11.0 and above). So, if you cannot get the app installed on your smart phone or tablet, then update the Operating System of the phone and then try to install the app. Or you should use an alternative phone that has the supported OS installed on it.

Let us now move to the second part of troubleshooting wherein the Deco app is installed on the phone but is not working or you are facing login issues. Use the troubleshooting hacks given ahead to resolve the problem:

  1. Reboot the Phone

You should reboot your smart phone on which the Deco app is installed. Some glitches might be stopping the app from working properly. So restart your phone right away without giving it a second thought. The reboot process varies for different phone models. Use the steps that reboot your phone and once it boots up, try to launch the TP Link Deco app and see if it still crashes.

  1. Check for Updates

Maybe there is an update pending and the older version is the problem that is responsible for the app getting crashed. So, go to the respective application store on your smartphone and check if there are any updates ready for the Deco app. Get them installed right away and once the app is upgraded, open the app. If it still does not work, then reboot the phone once again and then try to launch the Deco app.

  1. Connect to the Right Network

The TP-Link Dec app will work within the local network. So check that you have connected your phone to the TP-Link mesh router’s WiFi. Turn off the cellular data so that the phone does not pick up that network if the WiFi signals are weak.

  1. Re-install the App

When the app does not open up after trying the above given tips, then you should delete the app from your phone. After waiting for some time, reinstall the app and then try launching it. This should work now.

  1. Use the Right Credentials

There is a possibility that the app is working but you are facing login errors. Be sure that you are using the correct TP-Link Deco login credentials to access the app. You should not make any typing mistakes. Making spelling mistakes is the most common reason why users get stuck with the login issues. Also, use the default values in case you haven’t updated them. If you have changed the login details then you are required to use the updated password now.

Wrapping Things Up

We hope the TP-Link Deco app is working fine without any issues. You can use the app to customize the settings according to your requirements and do much more. You can also change the WiFi and admin password of your TP-Link mesh system.

We recommend you check for firmware updates for the mesh system now. If an update is ready , then get it installed immediately. The firmware updates will help you get the most out of the TP-Link mesh WiFi system. Plus you get an overall enhancement in the WiFi experience.

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