Why is the Wireless-N WiFi Repeater Not Connecting to Internet?

I am having issues while getting the Wireless-N WiFi repeater to the internet. What should I do? A user has reported this issue recently as he can not get his repeater connected to the host router. Well, there are several users who face similar problems while getting the devices connected. Keeping these users in consideration we have penned down this post that comprises the best solutions. But before that, we hope you are following the right Wireless-N WiFi repeater setup instructions. Skipping any point or performing any step incorrectly can stop the connections. So, make sure and then use the tips given ahead to get the issue resolved in a jiffy.

How to Get the Wireless-N Repeater Connected to Internet?


  • Replace the Cables

If the connections are not stable and secure then you are bound to get internet-related issues with your repeater. Thus, you should check all the cables and wires connected to the Wireless-N repeater. Get rid of any damaged cable immediately. If any cable is loose then fix it. Also, try to use an alternate port to connect the cables. Be certain that the LAN cable or any other cables if used are making firm connections.

  • Contact Your ISP

There could be an issue from your Internet Service provider which is causing no internet problem with the repeater. We suggest you get in touch with him to confirm about the same. Let the internet issue get fixed first.

  • Inspect the Power Supply

There is a probability that the Wireless-N repeater is not properly booted up due to inadequate power supply. The repeater gets stuck in a bootup loop and hence you will face issues with the internet connection. We suggest you check the electrical outlet into which the repeater’s power adapter is plugged. Try using an alternative socket for maybe the current one is damaged. Besides, see to it that the power adapter is not loose. You can consider using a UPS also as it can provide the devices with a consistent power supply.

  • Power Cycle Network

You should try to reboot the repeater once as this can help the issue to get fixed. Rebooting is nothing but powering off the repeater and powering it on after a gap of some 5 -10 minutes.
In case the reboot process does not help, then you should power cycle the entire network. You now need to switch off the router as well. So, power off the repeater as well as the host router. Remove the power cables. Also, detach any other bale that is connected to the devices.
After a while, start by connecting the wires. Then plug in the power cables. Finally, use the Power buttons and supply power to the router first and then the repeater.
The devices will soon be fully booted up. Once they are, you should try to connect to the internet and see if it is working now or not.

  • Reset the Repeater

You should reset your repeater in case you have tried all other possible hacks and still could not get connected to the internet. This will erase all the data customized by you on the repeater. To reset, press and hold the Reset button on the repeater. After resetting, you should reconfigure your repeater from the very beginning. You can go for a Wireless-N WiFi repeater setup on mobile or on a web browser as per your convenience.

In the End

After the setup of your repeater is done, you can connect to its WiFi without any trouble. We suggest you get the firmware on it updated to the most recent version. This will help you get the most out of your repeater. Also, make it a note that you should keep the Deco app updated all the time so that you do not face similar issues in the future.

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